Watt Hours to Amp Hours Conversion Calculator (Wh to Ah)

Enter the watt-hour energy value and battery voltage to convert watt hours to amp hours.

The load watt hours energy of the battery is measured in Wh, and the amp-hour capacity of the battery is measured in Ah, indicating the output that the current can be maintained for a period of time. Learn more: The Difference in Watt hours and Amp hours

Amp hours(Ah) = Watt hours (Wh) / Voltage (V)

For example, if you have a 1200Wh Lithium battery with 12V, you’d divide watt hours by volts. 1200Wh / 12V = 100Ah, easily get Watt Hours to Amp Hours.

You can also convert Ah to Wh using a similar formula:

Watt hours (Wh) = Amp hours(Ah) * Voltage (V)

Convert Kilowatt Hours to Amp Hours(kWh to Ah)

1 kWh is equal to 1000Wh. You can also use a similar formula to kWh to Ah, as follows:

Capacity(Ah) = Energy(kWh) * 1000 / Voltage(V)

Calculator: kWh to Ah Calculator

For example: if you want to build a 10kWh 48V solar energy storage system, then how much capacity Ah battery is needed? According to the calculation, Capacity(AH) = 10kWh * 1000/48V, the resulting capacity is about 208.33Ah, which can be verified by using the Kilowatt Hours to Amp Hours calculator. At this point, you can consider choosing a 200Ah or 210Ah battery.

Convert Watt Hours to Milliamp Hours (Wh to mAh)

1Ah is equal to 1000mAh, the calculation formula is:

Capacity(mAh) = Energy(Wh) / Voltage(V) * 1000

Calculator: Wh to mAh Calculator

For example: you know that your mobile phone specifications are suitable for 3.82V, 10.28Wh battery, want to calculate the mobile phone battery Capacity, after using the Wh to mAh calculator, Capacity(mAh) = 10.28Wh / 3.82V * 1000, by calculation it is about 2691mAh.

Watt Hours to Amp Hours Conversion Charts (at common DC voltages)

Watt Hours to Amp Hours at 12V

Watt hours (Wh)Voltage (V)Amp hours (Ah)
100 Wh12 V8.33 Ah
200 Wh12 V16.67 Ah
300 Wh12 V25 Ah
400 Wh12 V33.33 Ah
500 Wh12 V41.67 Ah
600 Wh12 V50 Ah
700 Wh12 V58.33 Ah
720 Wh12 V60 Ah
800 Wh12 V66.67 Ah
900 Wh12 V75 Ah
960 Wh12 V80 Ah
1000 Wh12 V83.33 Ah
1100 Wh12 V91.67 Ah
1200 Wh12 V100 Ah
1260 Wh12 V105 Ah
1300 Wh12 V108.33 Ah
1400 Wh12 V116.67 Ah
1500 Wh12 V125 Ah
2000 Wh12 V166.67 Ah
2400 Wh12 V200 Ah
3000 Wh12 V250 Ah
3600 Wh12 V300 Ah
4000 Wh12 V333.33 Ah
5000 Wh12 V416.67 Ah
6000 Wh12 V500 Ah
7000 Wh12 V583.33 Ah
8000 Wh12 V666.67 Ah
8700 Wh12 V725 Ah
9000 Wh12 V750 Ah
9600 Wh12 V800 Ah

Watt Hours to Amp Hours at 24V

Watt hours (Wh)Voltage (V)Amp hours (Ah)
100 Wh24 V4.17 Ah
200 Wh24 V8.33 Ah
300 Wh24 V12.5 Ah
400 Wh24 V16.67 Ah
500 Wh24 V20.83 Ah
600 Wh24 V25 Ah
700 Wh24 V29.17 Ah
720 Wh24 V30 Ah
800 Wh24 V33.33 Ah
900 Wh24 V37.5 Ah
960 Wh24 V40 Ah
1000 Wh24 V41.67 Ah
1100 Wh24 V45.83 Ah
1200 Wh24 V50 Ah
1260 Wh24 V52.5 Ah
1300 Wh24 V54.17 Ah
1400 Wh24 V58.33 Ah
1500 Wh24 V62.5 Ah
2000 Wh24 V83.33 Ah
2400 Wh24 V100 Ah
3000 Wh24 V125 Ah
3600 Wh24 V150 Ah
4000 Wh24 V166.67 Ah
5000 Wh24 V208.33 Ah
6000 Wh24 V250 Ah
7000 Wh24 V291.67 Ah
8000 Wh24 V333.33 Ah
8700 Wh24 V362.5 Ah
9000 Wh24 V375 Ah
9600 Wh24 V400 Ah

Watt Hours to Amp Hours at 36V

Watt hours (Wh)Voltage (V)Amp hours (Ah)
100 Wh36 V2.78 Ah
200 Wh36 V5.56 Ah
300 Wh36 V8.33 Ah
400 Wh36 V11.11 Ah
500 Wh36 V13.89 Ah
600 Wh36 V16.67 Ah
700 Wh36 V19.44 Ah
720 Wh36 V20 Ah
800 Wh36 V22.22 Ah
900 Wh36 V25 Ah
960 Wh36 V26.67 Ah
1000 Wh36 V27.78 Ah
1100 Wh36 V30.56 Ah
1200 Wh36 V33.33 Ah
1260 Wh36 V35 Ah
1300 Wh36 V36.11 Ah
1400 Wh36 V38.89 Ah
1500 Wh36 V41.67 Ah
2000 Wh36 V55.56 Ah
2400 Wh36 V66.67 Ah
3000 Wh36 V83.33 Ah
3600 Wh36 V100 Ah
4000 Wh36 V111.11 Ah
5000 Wh36 V138.89 Ah
6000 Wh36 V166.67 Ah
7000 Wh36 V194.44 Ah
8000 Wh36 V222.22 Ah
8700 Wh36 V241.67 Ah
9000 Wh36 V250 Ah
9600 Wh36 V266.67 Ah

Watt Hours to Amp Hours at 48V

Watt hours (Wh)Voltage (V)Amp hours (Ah)
100 Wh48 V2.08 Ah
200 Wh48 V4.17 Ah
300 Wh48 V6.25 Ah
400 Wh48 V8.33 Ah
500 Wh48 V10.42 Ah
600 Wh48 V12.5 Ah
700 Wh48 V14.58 Ah
720 Wh48 V15 Ah
800 Wh48 V16.67 Ah
900 Wh48 V18.75 Ah
960 Wh48 V20 Ah
1000 Wh48 V20.83 Ah
1100 Wh48 V22.92 Ah
1200 Wh48 V25 Ah
1260 Wh48 V26.25 Ah
1300 Wh48 V27.08 Ah
1400 Wh48 V29.17 Ah
1500 Wh48 V31.25 Ah
2000 Wh48 V41.67 Ah
2400 Wh48 V50 Ah
3000 Wh48 V62.5 Ah
3600 Wh48 V75 Ah
4000 Wh48 V83.33 Ah
5000 Wh48 V104.17 Ah
6000 Wh48 V125 Ah
7000 Wh48 V145.83 Ah
8000 Wh48 V166.67 Ah
8700 Wh48 V181.25 Ah
9000 Wh48 V187.5 Ah
9600 Wh48 V200 Ah