Your Ultimate Guide To RV Lithium Battery

As a self-driving travel enthusiast, mastering the corresponding RV lithium battery knowledge is a compulsory course in the use of RV. RV power consumption is a compulsory course for RV, and the core of the RV power supply system must be power storage battery. Lithium batteries are currently the choice for many RVs.

Why RV Lithium Battery is necessary?

The biggest problem for RV travel is water and electricity, and the problem of water is relatively easy to solve, but the supplement of electricity is troublesome. Some people will say that with a portable generator, isn’t there electricity at any time? But generator makes too much noise. It is estimated that it is okay to use a generator during the day, but at night, the noise may be too noisy to sleep.

But if the RV is equipped with a certain amount of lithium batteries, these problems can be avoided. Lithium battery plus inverter, there is almost no sound, which can solve the noise problem very well.

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How to keep safe when using high-power electrical appliances in RV?

When winter comes, it is very important to use electricity safely in the RV. Pay attention to the electricity consumption in the car at any time when using the RV, especially when using high-power electrical appliances. It is necessary to adjust the power resource allocation method in time according to your actual needs.

What are RV Lithium battery charge and discharge characteristics?

Lithium batteries have no memory effect and can be used with charging, but it should be noted that lithium batteries cannot over discharge, otherwise, it will cause a large capacity loss.

How to maintain RV Lithium Battery?

The battery will maintain a relatively active state after long-term use, so use the battery in an appropriate amount and situation. Long-term inapplicability will shorten the life of the chemical substances in the battery, and zero charging of the RV in winter will also affect its normal use. It is recommended to keep charging once a week.

What is the best Lithium battery use environment?

When the temperature is below 0°, try not to charge outside, and do not charge at a long distance and for a long time Charging; in a clean, dry, ventilated environment with a temperature between 0-40°C and relative humidity should not exceed 75%, prevent contact with corrosive substances, keep away from fire and heat sources. These precautions should also be observed.

How much capacity lithium battery is suitable for RV?

It mainly depends on the total power consumption of the RV. Generally, there are electric rice cookers and electric water heaters (burning boiling water), lighting, TV, audio equipment, etc.. For RVs without air conditioners, the battery capacity is recommended to be 400ah. For RVs with air conditioners, it is recommended that the battery capacity of is not less than 400ah, generally 600ah-800ah is better. Above battery capacity is for the battery pack voltage of 12V.

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It is understood that 70% of vehicles that break down in winter are caused by battery failure, and the temperature difference causes battery failure. The workload becomes larger, so it needs to be given more care and regular self-inspection. When it needs to be replaced, Replace decisively and choose NPP brand.

The battery can work normally, and self-driving travel will be more at ease.

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