Top 5 Energy Storage Companies in China

Energy Storage Companies in China


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited
Established Time2011/12/16
Headquarters locationNingde, China

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited is a Chinese battery manufacturer and technology company specializing in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems as well as battery management systems. Headquartered in Ningde City, Fujian Province, CATL is the world’s largest power battery supplier, with a number of domestic and foreign battery manufacturing bases and research and development centers, and has established strategic cooperative relations with a number of internationally renowned automobile manufacturers and new energy enterprises.

The predecessor of CATL is the power battery division of consumer lithium battery leader ATL, which was founded by the founder Zeng Yuqun in 2011 under the leadership of some management and national capital. Zeng Yuqun has managed a number of leading battery companies and has many years of deep accumulation in various fields of lithium power. At the beginning of its establishment, CATL was positioned in the field of power batteries to meet the needs of national energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of new energy vehicles. CATL inherited ATL’s technical heritage and brand endorsement and benefited from the national policy support and market demand, which quickly opened the power battery market.


BYD Company Limited
Established Time1995/2/10
Headquarters locationShenzhen, China

Globally, in the field of energy storage, BYD is one of the first heavy players engaged in the energy storage business. In 2008, BYD established the Electric Power Science Research Institute and began to develop energy storage system products. In 2009, BYD’s first energy storage power station was completed in its own Pingshan plant, with a scale of 1MW.

Regarding the volume of BYD’s energy storage business, the public information that can be queried is that BYD’s energy storage products have covered 6 continents and more than 70 countries and regions in the world, and the total global order volume exceeds 14GWh in 2022. This information came from the executive president of BYD energy storage sales center, You Guo, speaking at an industry conference.


EVE Energy Co., Ltd.
Established Time2001/12/24
Headquarters locationHuizhou, China

EVE Energy Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: EVE Energy), founded in December 2001, was listed in Shenzhen GEM in October 2009, is a globally competitive lithium battery platform company.

EVE Energy also has consumer battery and power battery core technology and comprehensive solutions, products are widely used in the Internet of things, energy Internet field.

EVE Energy’s power battery business has more than half, in addition to more than 30% of the energy storage battery business, the consumer battery business accounted for 16.3%. But only from the development of this line, the power battery to become its largest product time should not be too long.


Hefei Gotion High-tech Power Energy Co., Ltd
Established Time2006/5/9
Headquarters locationHefei, China

At present, with the vigorous development of the new energy automobile industry, lithium battery manufacturer Gotion High-tech (stock code: 002074) is undoubtedly a shining star in the field.

The main business of Hefei Gotion High-tech Power Energy Co., Ltd is power lithium battery and power transmission and distribution equipment two business segments. The main products are power lithium battery products, power transmission and distribution products. The company is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in independent research and development, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles, with independent core intellectual property rights. The production and sales of power lithium batteries produced by Hefei Gotion, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, have ranked top in China for many years, and the installed capacity in China ranked third in 2019. The main products are positive electrode materials, power battery cells, power battery packs, battery management systems and energy storage battery packs. The installed capacity of the company’s power battery is about 3.2GWh, and the domestic market share is 5.2%, ranking third in the industry, among which the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery is 2.9GWh, ranking second in the country, and the installed capacity of new energy special vehicles ranks first in the country.

Great Power

Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology CO., LTD.
Established Time2001/1/18
Headquarters locationGuangzhou, China

Great Power entered the field of energy storage batteries in 2011, and is one of the earliest enterprises involved in energy storage batteries in China. Great Power has battery cells, PACK, battery clusters and other products, its products are mainly used in power generation and grid energy storage, industrial and commercial user side energy storage, UPS communication base station backup power supply and home energy storage & portable energy storage. Its sales network covers the mainstream markets of the global market, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

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