Top 10 Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers in the World

Top 10 Lead Acid Battery Companies in the World


Exide Industries
Established Time1947
Headquarters locationKolkata, India

EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES (NASDAQ:XIDE), founded in 1888, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries, with fiscal year 2008 sales of approximately $4 billion. As a global leader in electrical energy storage solutions, it operates in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and has 43 production plants in 14 countries around the world.

The four major application areas of the company’s products include transportation power supply, power supply, network power supply and military applications. With many well-known brands such as GNB and Sonnenschein®(Sunshine), Exide Asia Pacific is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with subsidiaries or offices in more than 10 countries and regions including China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. It also has four battery production plants and recycling plants in Australia, New Zealand and India, with operations throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Established Time1999
Headquarters locationReading, Pennsylvania, US

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, founded in 2000, battery types: lead-acid, AGM, nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, gel and pure lead batteries.

Enersys produces a wide range of batteries. Their batteries have a special production line, and recommend the most suitable Settings and application scenarios for each battery. Because they produce a wide range of batteries, they have extensive cooperation with other industries to advance product sales and are committed to technological innovation to drive the future development of battery technology.

The company also makes battery accessories and other energy equipment. They produce outdoor cabinets, power equipment, and other essential power infrastructure supplies.

East Penn

East Penn Manufacturing
Established Time1946
Headquarters locationJefferson St. Corydon, USA

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, founded in 1946, battery type: lead-acid battery.

Although Eastern Pennsylvania Manufacturing Company is a Us-Based lead-acid battery manufacturing company, their size and share in the global lead-acid battery market is worth mentioning. At present, Dongbin Manufacturing has expanded into the global market, including the secondary headquarters in Canada and Wujiang, China.

The company also acquired MK Battery and Navitas Systems to expand its market share as well as global production. Through these expansions, Eastern Pennsylvania Manufacturing has a presence on every continent in the world.

GS Yuasa

GS Yuasa Corp.
Established Time2004
Headquarters locationKyoto, Japan

Japan Yuasa Battery was founded in 1918, has a history of 100 years, is specialized in battery research and development, development and production of first-class companies, to guide the development of global battery.

Yuasa Battery enjoys a global reputation, it is not only one of the five largest battery manufacturers in Japan, but also one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, with more than 20 production plants around the world, and the amount of lead used accounts for about 11% of the world.

NPP Power

NPP Power Group
Established Time2002
Headquarters locationGuangzhou, China

NPP Power was founded in 2002, long-term focus on traditional Lead Acid Battery power products and new energy products research, development, production, sales, products including valve control lead-acid batteries (UPS batteries, solar batteries, colloidal batteries), new energy lithium batteries, lithium batteries, etc., the products sell well at home and abroad.

At present, NPP Power Supply has six large independent production bases, including Guangzhou NPP Power Supply Co., LTD., Chenzhou NPP Power Supply Co., LTD. Chenzhou NPP Company and Henan NPP Company are national certified high-tech enterprises.

NPP adheres to the customer-centric, continuously creates value for customers, and achieves exquisite and extraordinary details with the spirit of craftsmanship. It has successfully won the trust of top international enterprises such as China Mobile, China Telecom, Siemens, IBM, HP and GE, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations.

NPP Battery Product Series


Leoch International Technology Ltd
Established Time1999
Headquarters locationSingapore

LEOCH founded in 1999, is an international new high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of LEOCH(LEOCH International 00842.HK) brand full range of lead acid batteries. After years of growth, LISS International has become the leading manufacturer and the largest exporter of lead-acid batteries in China.

Amara Raja

Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd
Established Time1947
Headquarters locationTirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India

Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), the flag division of the Amara Raa Group, is one of the leading technology manufacturers in the Indian battery industry and the largest lead acid battery manufacturing capacity for industrial and automotive applications.

With the introduction of VRLA technology in India, Amara Raja has revolutionized the Indian battery industry. In the past three years, more than 90% of applications have used VRLA technology. Amara Raija, a pioneer of MF-VRLA technology, is a manufacturer and supplier in the Indian Ocean Rim region.

High performance VRLA AGM technology batteries are deployed in demanding backup power applications in UPS, renewable energy, telecommunications, power generation, transmission and distribution, oil and gas, manufacturing and processing industries, and other utilities. In India, ARBL is a supplier to major telecom service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, UPS segment (OEM and replacement), Indian Railways, and industry segments such as power, oil and gas.


Clarios International Inc.
Established Time1885
Headquarters locationGlendale, Wisconsin, US

Founded in 1885 and formerly known as Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc., Clarios is the automotive battery business of Johnson Controls. It was sold to private equity firm Brookfield Asset Management in 2019.

Clarios makes conventional lead-acid batteries for gasoline-powered cars and lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Clarios also makes batteries for trucks, boats, motorcycles, golf carts and other devices.

Joe Walicki, Clarios President, said: “Our products are used in almost every vehicle from conventional to pure electric, and we are well positioned to take advantage of market trends, including the move towards more electrified and automated vehicles, which are increasing the critical role of automotive batteries and accelerating the need for more advanced batteries.” With Bofeng’s support, we will be able to better grasp the growing industry trends and be able to operate more focused and efficient.”


CSB Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Established Time1986
Headquarters locationTaipei

Headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan, China, founded in 1986, battery types: valve-controlled Lead acid (VRLA) battery and UPS battery.

CSB specializes in valve-controlled lead acid (VRLA) batteries and UPS batteries. Their batteries are rechargeable and maintenance-free. Most of CSB’s batteries are designed for solar and other renewable energy storage. They are also focusing on developing batteries for use in emergencies and improving battery safety.

The company is also very focused on its international distribution network and battery technology improvements. They are also conducting a series of research and development with the goal of creating more environmentally friendly battery technology.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls
Established Time1885
Headquarters locationCork, Ireland

When it comes to Johnson Controls Group, many people may not know the scope of the company’s business, but if you ask VARTA, perhaps more people seem to have heard of this is a very famous battery brand. In fact, to be precise, Varta is a brand of Johnson Controls Group, but only in the European and Chinese markets, and Johnson Controls Group is currently the world’s largest battery manufacturer, every three cars on the road, there is a use of batteries produced by Johnson Controls.

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