Outdoor Integrated Energy Storage System

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LiFePO4 Battery Technology


Discover NPP’s Outdoor Integrated Energy Storage System, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly combines lithium iron phosphate batteries, advanced Battery Management System (BMS), Power Conversion System (PCS), Energy Management System (EMS), HVAC technology, Fire Fighting System (FFS), distribution components, and more, all housed within a robust outdoor energy storage cabinet. Our innovative modular design caters to diverse application needs, offering eco-friendly, high-yield solutions.

Features +

  • Active balancing,extended service life and reduced maintenance
  • String PCS is adopted to improve the battery life cycle and support off-grid/grid-connected/off-grid hybrid modes, etc.
  • Instant switching and black starting
  • Customization possibility

Applications +

  • Backup power | Supply power to the load when the power grid is out of power, or use as backup power in off-grid areas.
  • Enhance power system stability | Smooth out the intermittent output of renewable energy by storing electricity and dispatching it when needed.
  • Optimizing the use of renewable energy | Maximize the use of photovoltaic power during the day, while excess power is stored for use at night.
  • Peak shaving & Valley filling | Supply power to the load when the power grid is out of power, or use as backup power in off-grid areas.

Certifications +

Our mission: to green every watt of electricity generation and maximize every watt’s value, fostering a sustainable, zero-carbon ecosystem.

System TypePower Cabinet-60Power Cabinet-115Power Cabinet-215
System main parameters
Normal Capacity(kWh)60.0115.0215.0
Rated Power (kW)30.062.5100.0
Local MonitoringYesYesYes
Working Temperature Range (℃)-20~60-20~60-20~60
Fire ProtectionAerosol/perfluorohexadoneAerosol/perfluorohexadoneAerosol/perfluorohexadone
Cooling systemAir ConditionerAir ConditionerAir Conditioner
Communication ProtocolRS485、4G、CANRS485、4G、CANRS485、4G、CAN
Protection ClassIP54IP54IP54
Humidity0-95%, Non-condensing0-95%, Non-condensing0-95%, Non-condensing
Isolation transformer)OptionalOptionalOptional
PCS Data DC Parameters
Voltage Range(Vdc)200~900615~900650~900
AC Parameters
Max. Operation Current(A)50.088.0150.0
Rated Power(kW)30.060.0100.0
Rated Discharge Voltage(Vac)400.0400.0400.0
WiringThree Phase+N+PEThree Phase+N+PEThree Phase+N+PE
Max. Discharge Current(A)43.086.0145.0
Rated Power(Hz)
Battery Data
Model51.2V 100Ah51.2V 150Ah51.2V 280Ah
*The ESS series range includes but is not limited to the above models! Please contact us for more information.