LFP 32650 3.2V 6000mAh Lithium Batteries

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  • Longer Cycle Life: Offers up to 15 times longer cycle life and 5 times longer float/calendar life than lead acid battery.
  • Lighter Weight: About 40% weight of a comparable lead acid battery, save up to 60% in weight.
  • Quick Charge: Short charge time compared with lead acid battery.
  • Low Self-Discharge: Lower self-discharge compared with lead acid battery, longer storage time without recharging.
  • Superior Safety: Multi-protection methods built inside to protect the battery from overcharge, over discharge and short circuit situation.
  • High Efficient: Higher round-trip energy efficiency of the average (92%) than lead acid battery 80% (discharge from 100% to 0% and back to 100% charged).
  • Certifications:
  • ISO-9001 ISO-14001 Iso_45001 CE_marking_logo UN38.3-icon CQC
    Compliant to: IEC 62133-2

    LFP 32650 3.2V 6000mAh Lithium Batteries

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    1.0Nominal capacity0.5C discharge capacity≥6.0Ah
    2.0AC ImpedanceAt AC1000Hz≤10mΩ
    3.0Nominal voltage25°C3.2V
    4.0Cell sizeCell diameter32±0.3mm
    Cell heightMax. 70.8mm
    5.0Cell weightNaked cell140±5gNo plastic
    6.0End of charge voltageCC Mode3.65V
    7.0End of charge currentCV Mode0.3A
    8.0Charging MethodStandard charge0.5C at CC/CV150min
    Max continuous charge1C at CC/CV90min
    9.0End of discharge voltageCC Mode2.0V
    10.0Max continuous discharge current18A
    11.0Max pulse discharging current30A3S
    12.0Cycle life0.5C/100% DOD≥2000 cyclesCapacity≥80%
    13.0Operating temperature rangeCharge temperature0°C~ 60°C
    Discharge temperature– 20°C~ 60°C
    Storage temperature– 20°C~ 45°C1 year
    14.0AppearanceWithout break, scratch, distortion, contamination, leakage and so on.