ESS Series – LiFePO4 Technology – Energy Storage Power Station

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Energy Storage Power Station

Models Available +
  • Capacity range: Customized
  • Battery box:51.2V 280Ah/306AH
  • Battery cluster:768V 280Ah/300AH

  • Hot-sale Models +
  • 1MWh/500KW
  • 2MWh/1MW
  • 1MWh above available

  • System main parameters(1.07MWh/500kW) +
  • Battery chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Cell voltage:3.2V
  • Cell capacity:z280Ah
  • Battery unit voltage: 51.2V 16S
  • Battery unit capacity: 2100Ah
  • Battery unit quantity: 15
  • Battery cluster: 5P(768Vx280Ahx5)
  • Battery group: 2S
  • Battery group voltage: 384Vdc x2
  • Battery system voltage: 768Vdc
  • Battery continue discharge current: 700Ah(2HR)
  • Battery max output power: 500KW
  • Battery work temperature: -10 to +55C
  • BMS communicate port: RS232, RS485,CAN
  • Battery cabinet size: 20ft

  • ESS Storage Energy System

    The energy storage system has the feature of high energy density and flexible configuration and can be applied for user-side energy storage, power generation-side energy storage, distributed energy storage, etc.

    System Parameters

    Model1MWh-20 feet2MWh-20 feet3MWh-40 feet
    System Capacity (Mwh)123
    Platform Voltage (V)716.8768768
    Battery Module Model51.2V 280Ah51.2V 280Ah51.2V 280Ah
    Charge And Discharge Rate0.5C0.5C0.5C
    Cooling MethodAir coolingAir coolingAir cooling
    Fire Extinguishing SystemYesYesYes
    Dimension (Mm)6096*3438*28966096*3438*289612191*2438*2896
    Weight (Ton)182440
    Working Temperture (°C)-20~60-20~60-20~60
    Communication Protocols485、CAN485、CAN485、CAN


    • Active balancing, extending service life, and reducing maintenance string
    • PCS is adopted to improve the battery life cycle and support
    • Off-grid/grid-connected/off-grid hybrid modes, etc.
    • Instant switching and black starting
    • Customization

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