NPP Say Hello to 2024, Goodbye to 2023

The year 2023 has finally come to an end. Every year is difficult, but 2023 is the most difficult!

At the beginning of the year, because the epidemic was fully unsealed, the company set the ambitious goal of 2023, the production and sales were fully rolled out, and the business personnel went to the world for the first time to participate in exhibitions and visit customers.

But soon, the reality of the blow will one hit the head, the overseas market is far less optimistic than expected! And dealers around the country have also come to the cancellation of this project, delay news. As the market is depressed and demand has decreased, we had to urgently lower our annual target at the beginning of April —-2023 to maintain sales in 2022!

At the beginning of the year, the management team originally introduced by the Vietnam factory resigned and withdrew, the factory management was once in chaos, and the headquarters urgently transferred management personnel from the domestic factories, and it was also in early April that the former director of the Henan factory, the production director of the Chen Zhou factory and the workshop supervisors of a number of domestic factories shoulded the burden and re-formed the management team and went to Vietnam.

The plan to set up a new lithium battery factory has been in mind, the first quarter saw a lot of China Merchants leaders, industry professionals, peer brothers, the capital plan was done, the factory blueprint was drawn. Finally, careful consideration of market conditions, at the end of April officially decided to suspend the battery plant expansion plan.

The time goes from spring to summer. The Ministry of Foreign Trade is still in a state of panic, sales are flat and stable, the Vietnamese factory is clearing up layers of “fog” in finding problems and solving problems, the Henan factory has to make substantial adjustments because of the serious transfer of management personnel, the Chen Zhou factory seeks progress in stability and undertakes most of the domestic production tasks, and the functional departments of the headquarters are struggling to move forward under the pressure of compliance. The domestic trade department has quietly and pragmatically stabilized sales on the large plate……

Hard work, all the way through the autumn, came to winter. The problem is solved one by one, the effect is accumulated one by one, and the tension never falls from the heart. Now when we take stock of the results of 2023, we are pleased to find that:

  • The company’s total sales in 2023 increased by 2.5% compared to 2022;
  • Vietnam factory management effect improved, factory per capita output value increased significantly;
  • The comprehensive compliance effect is obvious and the goal is achieved.
  • Our efforts have also been recognized by government departments, and various factories have received many honors and awards:
  • Chenzhou Factory won the “Second Hunan Province Contribution Collective Award”, “2023 Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, “2023 Hunan Provincial Special Small and Medium Enterprises”, “2023 Hunan Green Manufacturing System Unit (Green Factory)” and other honors;
  • Henan factory won the honor of “2023 Jiaozuo Engineering Technology Research Center”, “2023 Henan Province Specialized and Special New Small and Medium Enterprises”;
  • The Vietnam factory won the honors of “Top 20 Foreign-Run Enterprises in 2023”, “Outstanding Vietnamese Businessman in 2023”, “Top 20 Excellent Brands in 2023”, “Top 20 Excellent Quality Enterprises in 2023” and so on.
  • Sodium Pu lithium battery factory won the “2023 Hunan Advanced Manufacturing Highland construction special fund to be supported project”.

“Down to earth, steady, time will not live up to hard people!” This is the creed of the NPPers. In 2023, we once again with a stable and pragmatic fine enterprise style, in the wave of wind cirrus clouds to steadily achieve the development of quality.

After all this year, we are more determined to “vigorously enhance scientific research and innovation, and strive to improve product quality” enterprise development route, not only the pursuit of quantity improvement, but also the pursuit of quality leap!

Although he has a small overrate, he also has a dream of shaking the tree! NPP New Energy hopes to work together with everyone to contribute insignificant strength to the great dream of “science and technology power”, science and technology to develop enterprises, and industry to serve the country!

2023, thank you for your efforts and unity! Thank you for your support from customers, suppliers and partners! 2024, let’s set sail together again! More gas!

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