The 2000kW/6.4MWh NPP Container ESS Chad Project Was Installed And Deployed

The container ESS Chad project undertaken by NPP New Energy successfully completed the factory commissioning and arrived in Chad for installation and deployment.

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Project Overview

This energy storage system is equipped with four 20-foot prefabricated compartments (size:6058*2438*2896mm) for installing four sets of energy storage battery compartments, and one 10-foot prefabricated compartment (size: 3058*2438*2386mm) for photovoltaic inverter bus compartments, for AC power supply and distribution convergence, and system centralized management unit.

  • Four lithium iron phosphate battery prefabrication compartments, each battery prefabrication capacity is 1.605 MWh, a total of 6.42MWh, equipped with four outdoor electric air conditioners with cooling capacity of 20KW, installed on the prefabrication compartments, in addition, equipped with four pack-class perfluorhexanone fire extinguishing devices.
  • One prefabricated compartment is used for 16 PV inverters with active power of 2000kW, output voltage of AC side of 400V, DC side of battery access voltage range of 625V-850V, PCS AC outlet access box to low-voltage outlet circuit.
  • The system needs two 0.4KW/10kVA boost transformers, and each two PCS is connected to one boost transformer for power transmission.
    Each 1.605 MWh battery prefabrication chamber and one PCS comprise a 0.5MW/1.6MWh energy storage unit. The battery stack is converted to AC 400V by a 500kW converter, and the voltage is increased to 10kV by 0.4kV/10kV boost, which is connected to the power grid (the boost voltage is not in the scope of supply).
  • A set of computer monitoring system is configured to realize all information collection, display and control in the energy storage power station, complete the execution of scheduling instructions, and realize the preparation and execution of local control strategies.
  • The station has a total of 5 prefabricated cabins, 2 auxiliary buildings (1 water pump room, 1 fire pool, recommended). The total construction area is about 400 square meters.

The energy storage system has the advantages of high integration, intelligent management, safety and reliability, system scalability, and off-grid operation.

The company has carried out a comprehensive design optimization of the previous products, including:

  1. Information system centralized management, equipment can be used out of the box, greatly improving user convenience
  2. Efficient temperature control and special noise reduction technology are adopted to significantly improve the quality of the working environment
  3. A comprehensive upgrade of the cabinet. The new design is more compact and beautiful, with a smaller footprint, and uses the latest modular design to simplify operation and maintenance, while reducing internal heat generation
  4. Implement prefabricated production process to ensure reliability and stability of delivery
  5. Through the innovative design of the transfer box, the charge and discharge between the box and the cluster are flexibly controlled, and the layered isolation design further enhances the safety of the test harness operation
  6. The new design of the fan hood effectively prevents lifting deformation and reduces noise levels
  7. The software part adopts the latest algorithm design to ensure the response speed and accuracy are up to the domestic leading level
  8. The flexible device configuration supports independent and parallel operations, expanding application scenarios and facilitating capacity expansion

Since the signing of the contract, the company has attached great importance to the design, production and commissioning of all equipment as scheduled, carefully planned and deployed, detailed arrangements for important links, personnel deployment and time nodes, strictly controlled quality, worked overtime and completed the design, production and commissioning of all equipment.

The successful completion of the project installed and deployed marks the further recognition of NPP New Energy’s technical strength and market competitiveness in the field of test equipment for the energy storage industry. This not only laid a solid foundation for the marketing of the company’s container comprehensive ESS system products but also further enhanced the company’s confidence in the industry.

In the future, NPP New Energy will continue to adhere to technological innovation, enhance its core competitiveness in the field of test equipment in the energy storage industry, and on this basis, win more customers’ trust and support with high-quality products and services, and contribute more to the development of the industry.

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