Kilowatt-Hours to Amp-Hours Conversion Calculator (kWh to Ah)

Kilowatt-Hours to Amp-Hours Calculator

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How to Convert Kilowatt-Hours to Amp-Hours?

Kilowatt-Hours, or kWh, is a measure of electrical energy. 1kWh of energy is equal to 1000Wh, or 1000 watts of power consumed in an hour.

Amp-Hours, abbreviated Ah, is a unit of charge commonly used to describe battery capacity, with 1Ah referring to the amount of charge that can be transferred by current in 1 hour.

To convert Kilowatt-Hours to Amp-Hours, you need to know the sustained charge voltage, multiply kWh by 1000, and then divide by V. It should be noted that the voltage calculated here is constant, and the voltage cannot be constant in the actual use of electricity, so the calculation result here is an estimated approximate value.

Formula: Amp-Hours(AH) = Kilowatt-Hours(kWh) * 1000 / Volts(V)

Abbreviated Formula: Ah = kWh * 1000 / V

For example, convert 12V, 1kWh of electric energy to Ah, Ah=1kWh*1000/12V, and then get the capacity result, Ah=83.33Ah.

Kilowatt Hours to Amp Hours Conversion Chart

In the use of solar energy, the commonly used kilowatt-hour values are converted into 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V ampere-hour Chart. If you find the desired value, you can use the calculator at the top of this page to calculate it.

Kilowatt-HoursAmp-Hours at 12VAmp-Hours at 24VAmp-Hours at 36VAmp-Hours at 48V
1 kWh83.33 Ah41.67 Ah27.78 Ah20.83 Ah
2 kWh166.67 Ah83.33 Ah55.56 Ah41.67 Ah
3 kWh250 Ah125 Ah83.33 Ah62.5 Ah
4 kWh333.33 Ah166.67 Ah111.11 Ah83.33 Ah
5 kWh416.67 Ah208.33 Ah138.89 Ah104.17 Ah
6 kWh500 Ah250 Ah166.67 Ah125 Ah
7 kWh583.33 Ah291.67194.44 Ah145.83 Ah
8 kWh666.67 Ah333.33 Ah222.22 Ah166.67 Ah
9 kWh750 Ah375 Ah250 Ah187.5 Ah
10 kWh833.33 Ah416.67 Ah277.78 Ah208.33 Ah

Why convert kWh to Ah?

Avoid overcharging

Under normal circumstances, the maximum charging current value of lithium iron phosphate battery is 50% of the capacity, such as LiFePO4 100Ah battery maximum charging current is 50A current, 200Ah battery maximum charging current is 100A current. The charging rate and current can be set reasonably by designing solar or electric power systems.

Matching battery capacity

You can choose the appropriate capacity of the battery, the average household daily consumption of kilowatt-hours can be estimated, if you do not know how many kilowatt-hours are consumed every day, check the household meter daily consumption. When considering the development of off-grid solar energy storage plan, through convert kWh to Ah, then you can reasonably match the battery with sufficient capacity according to the calculation results.