How to make OEM battery? How do Lithium battery manufacturers customize lithium batteries?

Making Lithium OEM battery is now the more and more popular demand of manufacturers. However, general manufacturers lack battery engineers, the design ability of batteries and other capabilities, so they will look for professional lithium ion battery manufacturers to customize. Such professional factories are mainly concentrated in China, Japan, Korea and the United States. However, it is difficult for small factories to provide customization service, their R&D and production capacity are limited, and they have higher MOQ for customization of small batch samples. It is recommended to choose stronger factory for lithium OEM battery customization, for they can provide more comprehensive lithium battery customization services.

What is Lithium OEM battery?

Lithium OEM battery customization need to provide specific power consumption parameters, including voltage operating range, operating current size, operating ambient temperature range, operating time requirements, charging method, the required battery size and model, etc. The technical engineer of the lithium battery manufacturer will propose a design according to the customer’s requirements, explaining the overall size and shape, interface mode, raw materials used, important technical specifications and parameters, as well as the required cost.

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1. OEM battery Customization based on the Shape of the battery

The size and shape of the battery can be customized, in addition to the different dimensions of length, width and height, it can also be made into a round, trapezoidal, triangular and other various shapes.

2. OEM battery Customization based on Voltage

General lithium battery full voltage is 3.2~3.6v, in order to enhance the energy density and higher serve time, more and more product designers will use high-voltage lithium batteries (LiHv), like smart mobile devices on the market, it is the high-voltage lithium polymer batteries with 4.35V, that increase the serve time. However, this depends on the electrical appliances and PCB program, whether the use of high-voltage lithium batteries or not? It requires product designers and battery engineers to cooperate. battery manufacturer could make any high-volt battery OEM service, like 12v lithium battery, 24v lithium battery, 36v lithium battery, 48v lithium battery.

3. OEM battery Customization based on Capacity

Calculate the capacity(wh vs ah) of battery according to the power consumption, to better meet the user’s serve time requirements.

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4. OEM battery Customization based on Discharge Rate

Some special products will have certain requirements on the discharge rate, such as electronic cigarettes, drones, automobile emergency starting power, electric supercars, etc. The high-current charging and discharging performance is the first thing to be consider, to meet the needs of rapid charging or high explosive power.

5. OEM battery Customization based on Temperature

The best operating temperature of lithium battery is around 25℃, the general operating temperature range is from -20℃ to 50℃, but if in a special high or low temperature environment, the capacity of lithium battery will be sharply attenuated, affecting its life,or even can not be cause thermal runaway. So we need to customize high-temperature lithium batteries or low-temperature lithium batteries. NPP has a rich experience in the field of low-temperature, we have many mature low-temperature lithium battery solution (The lowest temperature can reach -55℃), to meet the needs of special industry power.

How to customize lithium battery?

1. Already have product design

You already have product design, and the space, dimension and size are fixed. You want to customize a battery.

Key points

  • How much is the energy density
  • Molding fee
  • Whether you can provide the matching boards or not
  • What is the C rate

2. Don’t have the product design yet

You don’t have a product design yet, but you need to customize a battery. It is recommended to find a professional customized battery manufacturer with rich project experience, and the manufacturer needs to have a powerful R&D team to support, and reference cases should be provided.

Key points

Whether the manufacturer can provide evaluation services or not.

  1. Supply power for 3 hours
  2. Battery weight can not exceed 10 kg
  3. Battery shape should be rectangular
  4. Maximum product size

3. Other things of OEM batteries need to pay attention to

The charging and discharging rate, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, cycle times, qualification and certification of the manufacturer, transportation, and price.

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