The green energy Sodium ion battery R&D Center project jointly built by NPP & South China Normal University was officially launched on 2023 March 9th

On March 9th, Mr. Teng Fei, Chairman and General Manager of NPP Power Co., Ltd (NPP Power). Signed an agreement with South China Normal University(SCNU) to jointly establish a green energy low-cost sodium ion battery R&D centre to carry out R&D on basic and production technologies related to sodium ion battery cathode and anode materials, electrolyte materials, battery manufacturing, etc. As the top solar battery manufacturer in China, Clean Power Safe Power is NPP Power’s mission.

It’s reported that NPP Power is looking to accelerate its entry into green energy sodium ion battery production. And NPP plans to invest 5.6 billion yuan in three phases starting in January 2024 for the construction of a sodium and lithium cell production and manufacturing base with a capacity of 16 GWh, achieving a target of 12.8 billion yuan in new annual sales revenue.

green energy Sodium ion battery

According to the Agreement, the NPP power will invest more than 5 million yuan to the R&D Center in the first phrase to conducting applied research and industrialization of green energy low-cost sodium ion battery technology. Furthermore, NPP power and SCNU will deepen the cooperation in build research platform and joint  talent cultivation.

The joint project was officially launched in the presence of Mr. Teng Fei and researcher Ma Weihua, Vice President of South China Normal University. The ceremony was attended by leaders and guests including Deng Kaixi, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of South China Normal University, Professor Chen Xiangguang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Chemistry, Professor Cai Yuepeng, Dean of South China Normal University, Professor Lan Yaqian, Director of the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials and Technologies, and Professor Zheng Qifeng, Assistant Director.

The ceremony was hosted by Professor Hu Xiaogang, Vice Dean of the School of Chemistry. Dr. Ma Liang, the project leader of the first phase of the R&D Centre, introduced the basic situation of the construction and development plan of the R&D Centre in the meeting.

green energy Sodium ion battery
Nanfang Finance interviewed Mr. Tengfei, the chairman of NPP.

Established in 2002, NPP Power has focused on the research, development, production, and sales of traditional power supply products and new energy products, including Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (UPS batteries, solar batteries, gel batteries), new energy lithium batteries, lithium battery cells, etc. Our products are well sold at domestic and overseas.

At present, NPP Power has six large independent production bases, including Guangzhou NPP Power Co., Ltd, Chenzhou NPP Power Co., Ltd and other four production bases, of which Chenzhou Company and Henan Company are national certified high-tech enterprises.

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The College of Chemistry of South China Normal University was established in 1933, with the national 211 project and the Guangdong Province high-level university key construction disciplines, in 2011 was approved for the first level of chemistry PhD point. As of November 2022, Chemistry is ranked 3.00‰ by ESI globally. The College has more than 20 teaching and research platforms such as the National Engineering Centre and the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education. Such as JACS and Angew Chem. With the integrated research system of basic research, applied research and industrialization research, a number of the research results of Chemistry College have been industrialized and applied, and the total new sales revenue for enterprises has exceeded RMB 10 billion.

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NPP Power – South China Normal University to build a green energy low-cost sodium ion battery R&D centre project launched.

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