10 tips for choosing Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturers best

Pay attention to these important considerations and get a Checklist to select the right Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturers for your Lithium product, which could avoid unnecessary loss. They are also advantages of NPP Power Lithium factory.

10 considerations for choosing Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturers

Have rich Energy Storage industry background

NPP started with lead-acid batteries and currently has four lead-acid battery bases. Operating in the energy storage industry for nearly 20 years. Has a profound industry heritage. Lead Acid Battery vs Lithium ion Battery, Lithium batteries are the future trend.

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Professional technical team

Many Pack Custom Lithium ion Battery Manufacturers on the market are bosses & engineers & salesmen one person, with limited scale and professionalism.

NPP lithium battery is a wholly-owned factory. Our R&D team of engineers. OEM/ODM is available.

High quality raw materials – A grade Lithium cells

Use new cell only : BYD / EVE / CATL.  Many people in the market use secondary cells (cells disassembled from scrapped electric vehicles have reduced life and cycle times, and increased risk).

Full inspection of all components

Incoming material inspection system. Including batteries, BMS, and ingredients, all need to be checked. 90% of Pack Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturers do not have these processes.

Ensure every single battery pack internal consistency

General Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturers only detect the voltage, internal resistance, and capacity of the cell. The assembled battery has poor consistency. There is a high probability of problems in use.

NPP uses eight trims to ensure custom lithium battery packs consistency. Namely: detect the voltage, internal resistance, capacity, self-discharge rate, charging speed, discharge platform, cycle times, and charge of the battery cell. Ensure that each group of cells has a high consistency.

Large investment on detect equipment

NPP factory is equipped with 24 cylindrical cell detectors, which can detect 30,000 cylindrical cells per day.

12 square cell detectors, testing 2,000 square cells per day.

BMS testing equipment

The cost of this equipment is high, and most manufacturers rely on the factory data of the supplier, but there will be deviations from the actual test results. There are great hidden dangers in subsequent use. We 100% inspect incoming Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure core components meet requirements.

Battery equalization technology

BMS new technology, automatically equalize voltage and capacity. During the charging and discharging process of the battery, the BMS will automatically adjust the voltage and capacity of each cell to keep it within a consistent range and prolong the service life of the battery.

Support software functions customization

BMS software is independently written. The content of the display screen can be independently designed. Set the discharge cut-off voltage. traditional button type is eliminated.

Smart BMS reduces battery self-discharge and effectively extends working time.

With Mature technology & After-sales service

A: Frequently Asked Questions are compiled into a booklet for customers to use locally to deal with system failures.

B: Engineers can provide bilingual technical support. Remote online service to ensure after-sales and provide technical support for customer projects.

Want To Learn More About Lithium Battery industry?

As we know building or upgrading a power backup system can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. Our NPP Global team-based sales and custom lithium battery technical team is standing by at (+86)20-37887390 to take your questions! 

Find us around the world, we’re ready to meet you! Check out the NPP Exhibition Calendar, and come chat with our technical specialists and members of the NPP family! Or get in touch at info@npplithium.com.

Also, join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube to learn more about how lithium battery systems can power your lifestyle and business.

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As Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturers with 20 years of experience in the Battery Business. NPP Power is A Pioneer in Battery Technology and Integrated manufacturing. Ensure you get a high-performance energy storage solution. NPP will always be there to back you up.

Exported to more than 80 countries and areas with good reputations, Established 5 oversea branches & warehouses. Applied in Base Stations, Data Centers, Solar & Wind Energy Storage, Telecommunications, UPS, Electric Power Systems, Electric Vehicles, etc. Supporting your transition to sustainable Lithium battery.


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