Complete Portable Power Stations Selection Guide

In this sunny and lazy season , more and more people choose to stay away from the city and start camping in the suburbs . Come on stress! But if you want to live a more refined camping life, it is particularly important to realize “freedom of electricity use”. At this time, the Portable Power Stations are also derived from it. It is equivalent to a power supply station, which can supply power to drones, laptops, projectors, photography lights, electric fans, rice cookers, electric kettles and other equipment. It is very suitable for outdoor camping, outdoor Live broadcast, outdoor shooting, RV travel, self-driving travel, family emergency, mobile office and other application scenarios!

There are a lot of series lithium batteries, such as 12v lithium battery, 24v lithium battery, 36v lithium battery, and 48v lithium battery, if you don’t want to connect complicated circuits of batteries in series vs parallel, only for simple use outside, Portable power station is a good choice. With the out-of-market and popularization of Portable Power Station, various brands, models, and qualities of Portable Power Station has appeared in the market, which has also made it difficult for consumers to choose. After all, outdoor power supplies are high-priced products. Once you buy the wrong one, Not to mention the economic loss, it also affects the mood. So how can you choose the Portable Power Station that suits you? Today, the editor will tell you how to choose from the dimensions of usage scenarios, user experience, and brand safety.

What is Portable Power Station use for?

When traveling, some people like to bring drones, while others like to bring rice cookers. Everyone has different needs for electrical equipment, and the power of the outdoor power supply determines what kind of electrical appliances the portable power station can supply, and the capacity determines how long it can supply. At present, there are many portable power stations with a power of 300W~2000w and a capacity of 300Wh~2000Wh on the market. How to choose from so many?

1. Outdoor camping

If it’s just light camping, you can meet digital devices such as smartphones, drones, cameras, projectors, audio, etc., and camp for a short period of time without staying overnight. A product with a power of 300-500W and a capacity of 300-500Wh will be sufficient. If it is heavy camping and you want to “move the kitchen outdoors” to power rice cookers, induction cookers, kettles, and juicers, you can choose ones with a power of 1000-2000W and a capacity of 1000-2000Wh. You can bring one if you can. or more.

2. self-driving travel

If it is a self-driving trip, the power supply of electric rice cooker, electric cooker, kettle, car refrigerator, juicer and other equipment is indispensable. At this time, it is very important to choose an outdoor power supply that is easy to carry, has large capacity and power, and it is best to choose power. 1000W-2000W, with a capacity of 1000-2000Wh, if possible, you can bring more than one, plus a portable solar panel.

3. Family Emergency

Many people think that as long as the portable power station is not taken out, it must be idle at home. Unless there is lithium battery backup for home system. In fact, it is not the case. Whenever it is the peak period of electricity consumption, especially in summer, there will always be sudden power outages, which will bring great harm to our work and life. A lot of inconvenience. At this time, the portable power stations can be used as an emergency light, which can be used to boil water, cook, and charge mobile phones. As for the size, it is recommended that the power be above 1000W and the capacity be above 1000Wh.

Why choose portable power stations?

At present, there are many types of portable power stations on the market, with uneven performance and quality, and the experience of using them is very different, mainly reflected in the aspects of aesthetics, portability, noise, and weather resistance.

1. Well-designed

For many people, they only look at the appearance without looking at the function. If the appearance is not perfect at first glance, it is difficult to attract them. While some portable power stations are improving their performance, they are also constantly innovating in terms of visual perception, adding some unique elements, and raising the overall design to a higher level, making people look very comfortable!

2. Portability

For people who go camping outdoors, it is mainly for decompression. If a bulky outdoor power supply is added, then this camping is not decompression but “weight gain”. At present, the types of batteries used in outdoor power supplies are different, and the structural designs are also different. The overall volume and weight are also uneven, and there are also large differences in carrying. There are also some portable power stations that adopt an integrated design. The design of the fuselage is relatively small, and the weight is also reduced a lot. It is very suitable for people who often camp outdoors with a lot of luggage.

NPP Portable Power Stations

The above is the portable power station purchase guide compiled for you. It mainly popularizes from the dimensions of usage scenarios, experience, brand safety and price range. Now I’d like to introduce NPP brand portable power stations, which can provide a very good use experience for users. And its characteristics of portability, quietness, low temperature resistance, and severe cold resistance have been recognized by many users in the market.

NPP uses high-frequency resonance and planar transformer technology, as well as an integrated body design. NPP’s full series of products are half the volume and 20%-30% lighter than those of competitors, making the products very small and light, suitable for people with a lot of luggage and equipment when going out. High efficiency inverter technology, with a conversion rate of 95%+, its heat generation is only half of similar products, combined with the heat dissipation of the alloy shell, only a small amount of weak wind is needed for heat dissipation, and the noise is reduced by 60% year-on-year. The P series even achieves zero noise charging and discharging. It is very suitable for people who are sensitive to sound and want to mute it.

Compared with ordinary portable power stations in the market, NPP can well adapt to outdoor humid and dusty environments with integrated body design and interface protection treatment, the dustproof and waterproof grade of the whole machine reaches IP52. The interior of the product reduces dust and water vapor erosion, and the service life and safety are greatly improved. The built-in battery preheating technology can support charging and discharging at -30°C, which is more suitable for low-temperature application scenarios in northern and plateau regions.

The whole series of Npp uses UL-certified A-grade lithium-ion batteries to form a battery pack, which has more advantages than ordinary batteries. Better charging and discharging performance and higher safety guarantee. Built-in EMS energy management, CMS charging management and BMS, these 3 major safety systems for battery management, mutual monitoring and single system failure can trigger other system protection, so to high security redundancy.

In this era of focusing on health, people’s material living standards are also constantly improving. For people who are engaged in outdoor work, love self-driving travel, and love outdoor sports, the lack of outdoor power is an urgent problem to be solved. Because of the enrichment of outdoor forms, it is not only used for power consumption of conventional equipment such as electronic digital, but also as a necessary energy storage power supply for self-driving car products and low-power home appliances.

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