Can you charge Lithium batteries with sla batteries charger?

Some people have problems that before the SLA batteries charger can be used to charge lithium batteries. As lithium batteries replace lead-acid batteries in the process of accelerating, some people buy lead-acid batteries and then switch to lithium batteries, in terms of charging.

Can SLA batteries charger charge lithium batteries?

No! Lead-acid and lithium battery chargers are not interchangeable!

because SLA batteries charger is usually set to two-stage or three-stage charging mode, and the voltage levels of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries are not matched. And there are many kinds of lithium batteries, for example, 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v lithium batteries, and the battery performance and battery protection plate parameters may be different.

Therefore, lithium batteries are not like lead-acid batteries, there is a universal battery charger. Generally speaking, lithium batteries are equipped with special chargers, in order to protect lithium batteries, it is best to use the corresponding lithium battery charger.

What is the difference between charging lithium and lead acid batteries?

Lithium battery charger

Lithium batteries have higher requirements for chargers and need protection circuits, so lithium battery chargers usually have high control precision and can charge lithium batteries with constant current and voltage.

Lithium battery charging control is to charge according to a constant current first, then when the battery voltage rises to 4.2V, the voltage stops rising, the charger detects the current, and if the current is less than a certain value, the charging is ended. Besides, lithium battery packs need equalizing charge with BMS protection.

SLA batteries charger

Lead-acid batteries are relatively robust and have low requirements for charging circuits. Occasional overcharging and over-discharging will not cause damage to the battery, and the structure of the charger is relatively simple.

Lead-acid batteries are usually charged in three stages: constant current, constant voltage, and trickle. The charger’s light Emitting Diode is red to indicate that it is in the constant current or constant voltage stage, and turns green to indicate that it is in the trickle stage. Usually, it takes a few hours of charging after turning green before the battery is fully

In general terms, lead-acid batteries with lithium battery chargers will be undercharged, and lithium batteries with lead-acid battery chargers will be overcharged. Therefore, lithium batteries and SLA batteries charger can not be universal.


Always remember: we must choose a special charger to charge the corresponding battery and avoid mixing with each other to avoid safety hazards or accidents.

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