How to maintain Robot battery?

Robot battery

This article will take everyone to understand the use and maintenance of lithium batteries and robot battery. Lithium batteries are highly sought after by the market due to their advantages such as environmental protection, long service life, and high power…

Electric Wheelchair Batteries Using Notes

Electric Wheelchair Batteries

Types of Electric Wheelchair Batteries The well-known types are lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Whether it is a lead-acid battery or a lithium battery, maintenance, and care should be taken into account. When the electric wheelchair is idle for a…

Common Types of Service Battery

Service Battery

We call the device that can directly convert chemical energy, internal energy, light energy, atomic energy, and other forms of energy into electrical energy as Service battery. Service Batteries are widely used in life, production, scientific research, and other fields.…

About PV Power Calculation Formula

power calculation formula

Conversion efficiency η= Pm (peak power of the cell)/A (cell area) × Pin (incident light power per unit area) Note:Pin=1KW/㎡=100mW/cm² Charging voltage Vmax=V rated voltage×1.43 times Battery components in series and parallel Number of battery modules in parallel = average…

What is UPS? – Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply

What is the Role of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)? UPS, which stands for “Uninterruptible Power Supply”, is a power supply system that includes energy storage devices and consists mainly of rectifiers and inverters. It provides uninterruptable power supply with constant…

Energy Storage Technology | 3 major trends

Energy Storage Technology

Based on the research and understanding of the market, we have paid attention to three main trends in the development of energy storage technology. The rapid growth of installed capacity has made the battery energy storage system (BESS) field a…