About the Lithium golf carts batteries pack

As golf becomes more popular around the world and more and more golf driving and Lithium golf carts batteries ranges are being built, the market for residential golf carts is gradually expanding.

The target customers for the sale of golf carts are mainly from golf driving ranges, tourist and leisure resorts, tourist towns, airports, flat houses, etc. With the economic crisis, rising oil prices, and serious environmental pollution, now is the time to promote green environmental protection, electric golf carts in this environment also follow the footsteps of the times, and become hot models in many areas, so that more people enjoy the fun of energy-saving and easy driving.

Electric golf carts, as a series of new energy efficient electric vehicles using electricity as the energy source, with a novel appearance and perfect body lines, have been present on various golf courses until they were widely used in the market. They provide an irreplaceable role in the daily operation of golf courses. In recent years, with the growing call for energy saving and emission reduction in China, and the influence of the new consumer concept, it has also gained more applications in the field of daily life production, and has now shown its charm in some tourist attractions, hotels and guesthouses, building communities, development zones and other areas where the distance is short and the flow of people is large.

The trend towards higher speeds for golf carts stems from new energy technologies. The development of golf carts with mature technology and low overhaul regulations is predicted to increase the sales market trend based on the above factors. This is also contributing to the rapid development of low-speed new energy vehicles in China.

Tips on NPP Lithium golf carts batteries packs

  1. NPP Power has designed a total of 8 types of lithium golf carts batteries: They are 12v Lithium battery, 24v Lithium battery, 51.2V/48v lithium battery
  2. Number of cycles: 80% of initial capacity left after 3000 cycles
  3. Warranty: 3 years; design life: 10 years
  4. fast charging: 2-3 hours; the BMS uses the software version used.
  5.  The display can be quoted as standard, the display is connected to the COM connector of the battery pack through an external communication cable, the other end is connected to the display, you need to confirm the length of the external cable
  6. If the original battery is other brand of 36V lead-acid battery, our battery can be a good replacement for the original battery pack
  7. IP67
  8. The battery pack will generate a certain amount of self-consumption whether it is switched on or not
  9. The Vent on the housing is used for venting, when the pressure inside the battery pack is increased, the Vent will be flushed out and venting will take place.
  10. The battery pack is secured with strips on both sides to better secure the battery pack to the golf cart.
  11. The battery pack is secured with strips on both sides to better secure the battery pack to the golf cart.
  12. There are six common charger output interfaces, suitable for 36V or 51.2V battery packs, depending on the model required.

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