3V Battery: All You Need to Know

What is a 3V battery?

3V batteries can provide 3V power to a variety of commonly used household electronic products, and belong to DC electrical energy. The power supply technology for 3v batteries is usually lithium technology or traditional alkaline battery technology. For example, CR123A, CR2032, CR2025 batteries, such batteries are usually non-rechargeable for one-time use, but there are also higher-cost rechargeable 3V batteries on the market.

There are usually two types, one is a button battery (coin battery), and the other is a CR2 cylinder battery.


CR123A: 3V cylindrical battery, 17mm diameter, 34.5mm height. Applications: Flashlights, small power tools, cameras, printers, medical devices, etc.


CR2032:3V button battery with diameter of 20mm and height of 3.2mm. Applications: Automotive electronic keys, hearing AIDS, blood glucose meters, remote controls, door and window sensors, watches, toys, calculators, digital guides and other small devices.

3v button battery size

Please refer to the table below for different types of 3V button battery sizes

Primary cell typeSizeCapacityVoltage

How long can 3V lithium batteries last?

Usually a new 3v battery, the usual voltage is about 3.3v~3.7v, when the battery is used after the voltage drops to about 2.7-2.8v, then the battery and almost run out of power.

How does a 3V battery work?

How does a 3V battery work

The 3v battery consists of an anode (positive electrode), a cathode (negative electrode) and its electrolyte. The diaphragm separates the anode and the negative electrode, and the charge can move between the two poles, and the ions move from the anode through the electrolyte to the cathode, and the charge moves in the opposite direction of the ions.

3v battery structure

The appearance of the 3v battery is stainless steel material, and as a positive electrode, the negative is a circular cover of stainless steel, there is a sealing ring insulation diaphragm between the positive and negative electrodes, the sealing ring is made of nylon, the sealing ring in addition to insulation, but also to prevent electrolyte leakage.

3V battery Advantages?

  • High energy density, high voltage (up to 3v)
  • Widely used, suitable for various series of products
  • No mercury, no cadmium, friendly to the environment
  • Low self-discharge to ensure long-term stable power supply
  • Suitable for large temperature range (-30℃ to +60℃)
  • Durable Long shelf life (generally 10 years)

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