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24v Lithium Battery

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What Applications mainly use 24v Lithium Battery?

24V lithium battery is commonly used as a power source for various applications that require a moderate amount of power.

  • Electric Vehicles: Some small electric vehicles like electric scooters and electric bicycles use 24V lithium batteries. These batteries provide enough power to propel the vehicles at a moderate speed and distance without being too heavy or bulky.
  • Solar Energy Storage: 24 Volt lithium batteries are used in solar energy storage systems. They can store a significant amount of energy generated by solar panels during the day and provide power during the night or when the demand is high.
  • Backup Power: 24V lithium ion battery is also used as backup power source for various applications, such as security systems, telecommunications equipment, and emergency lighting systems. These batteries provide a reliable source of power in case of a blackout or other power outage.
  • Marine Applications: Some marine applications, such as trolling motors and electric boats, use 24 Volt lithium battery. These batteries provide a reliable and efficient power source for these applications.

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